Hello, welcome to my page. My name is Jhilene Walker, and I am a developer.

About Me

I graduated in summer 2016 with a bachelors from Suny Albany. I began coding in 2015 with the aspirations of becoming a "hacker". Not only do I enjoy building things, but breaking them as well. If you want to know everything I am up to in tech, check my blog here. My coding journey has lasted almost four years now. I began with Python, PHP and full-stack JavaScript technologies. Most Recently, I program applications in C and write Azure Kusto queries for data modeling. Anyways, please feel free to check out my blog. My whole tech life story is on there. Chao!

Created a project management tool that allows developers within a Slack Team to view, add and delete links related to the project within the Slack UI. Technologies used include: Knex.js migrations, MySQL,       Node.js, Ngrok, BotKit and Slack API. All code is tested and utilizes S.O.L.I.D principles.             Other developer includes my team member Colby Allen, as well as the mentorship and guidance of our mentors at Sparkbox.

Implemented multiple algorithms to effectively build a Markov Chain using Python. Later filled the Markov Chain with three different wisdom texts of major religions. In turn this created a fusion of wisdom. This project was later incorporated with a Twitter API to create a twitterbot: @Aloidias.

Programmed Microsoft's Azure Sphere MT3620 Microcontroller to simulate a traffic Light system in C. On onset, the traffic simulation defaults to the caution state, blinking yellow and reading the button every 10ms. When button A is pressed, the leds switch to the traffic light state. Blinking Green, Yellow then Red. When button B is pressed in traffic light, a time stamp is made and stored to a Linked List that can only be accessed back in caution state.
My first social media app. Super exciting. I am using MySQL database to store the user authentication, profile image upload and comment section. Project completion expected April 20th 2018.