Hello, welcome to my page. My name is Jhilene Walker, and I am a developer.

About Me

I graduated in summer 2016 with a bachelors from Suny Albany. I began coding in 2015 with the aspirations of becoming a "hacker". Not only do I enjoy building things, but breaking them as well. If you want to know everything I am up to in tech, check my blog here. My coding journey has lasted over two years now. I began with Python, and recently moved on to front-end and android technologies.

Implemented multiple algorithms to effectively build a Markov Chain using Python. Later filled the Markov Chain with three different wisdom texts of major religions. In turn this created a fusion of wisdom. This project was later incorporated with a Twitter API to create a twitterbot: @Aloidias.

Built a site for the amazing Oasis Steel Orchestra. They are a group of teens from Jamaica who travel the world and perform their music. To build this project I used HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap, PHP Mailer. Image gallery and Shopify API coming soon.
Used sample data of public crime filings in San Francisco to render into a graph. The data was first parsed from columns and rows to a list of dictionaries, then rendered and finally displayed. This project incorporated Python, NumPy, matplotlib and GeoJSON. NYC 2017 parsed data coming soon.
My first social media app. Super exciting. I am using MySQL database to store the user authentication, profile image upload and comment section. Project completion expected April 20th 2018.